Android AppBarLayout like Whatsapp Tutorial/Example

AppBarLayout is a vertical LinearLayout which implements various material design scrolling gestures.if you are not aware of Material Design refer here. AppBarLayout children should provide scrolling behaviour by setScrollFlags(int) or in XML by app:layout_scrollFlags="" Note: AppBarLayout depends heavily on being used as a direct child of Coordinator layout if you used with other ViewGroup its most of the … Continue reading Android AppBarLayout like Whatsapp Tutorial/Example

Android Material Design Tutorial/Example

Android Material Design was Introduced in Android Lollipop version. With Material Design Material theme, new widgets, new buttons like floating button and new animations are introduced. Add this depency to your build.gradle compile '' In this tutorial, we will learn some basics of Material Design  Development Adding the Toolbar (ActionBar) to your application. 2. create layout for … Continue reading Android Material Design Tutorial/Example